Whatever I Have Said or Sung

From this wonderful poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson, this blog got its name.

Whatever I have said or sung,
Some bitter notes my harp would give,
Yea, tho’ there often seem’d to live
A contradiction on the tongue,

Yet Hope had never lost her youth;
She did but look through dimmer eyes;
Or Love but play’d with gracious lies,
Because he felt so fix’d in truth:

And if the song were full of care,
He breathed the spirit of the song;
And if the words were sweet and strong
He set his royal signet there;

Abiding with me till I sail
To seek thee on the mystic deeps,
And this electric force, that keeps
A thousand pulses dancing, fail.

By Alfred Lord Tennyson


6 thoughts on “Whatever I Have Said or Sung

  1. Oh ! I didn’t know that your blog is named after a Tennyson poem !! Great poem !

    And you just changed the address……….bored with the previous, eh ?

    Anyways, I hope you will transfer old material here :)

    • Yes, I was poring over his collection and came across this and I knew this had to be it :)
      Sadly, I won’t be transferring material here. I want to start anew. :)

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