Listen. Realise.


Andrea Gibson.

This amazing woman makes my life better.

(courtesy: TalkAboutOurBigPlans)


Girl, Interrupted

You crushed my legs
They attached a machine so I could walk.
You tore out my liver,
They transplanted a new one inside.
You trampled on my voice
But you’d forgotten that my pen has one too.

And then you cut up my soul;
There was no prosthetic for that.



She screamed, “Sanctuary!”…they replied with laughter

He ate his share of the prasad,
Bowed head, with reverence,
And touched the feet of Mother Durga
As he went off for his day’s work.
His friend met him on his way back
From the church on 30B Street
Where he had said three Hail Marys
Bowed head,crossed his heart
And kissed her feet.
On their way back from work
They saw a girl walking down the road
She saw their eyes on her
Nay,just her legs.
They took turns,laughing and moaning
And muffling her chilling screams
And then left her in the dirt.

Dirt will soon come to define her
In this pitiless society’s eyes;
Eyes which have judged her since yesterday
Rules will be passed –
“Wear better clothes”
“Stay behind closed doors after 8”.
As if we don’t have our own dreams to chase
As if it just doesn’t matter.
For once I’d like them to say
“Go, live your lives
We’ll keep you safe”
Instead of fucking the next girl
And then blaming it on her attire.
They build pandals for the Goddess
Offer her food,sing her praises
Then grope her daughter
Behind the temple they built.

So when you walk on the streets
The girl in front might look behind her shoulders
And her eyes might widen with fear
It’s not you, we have just stopped trusting;
We were made to learn the hard way.
And when she hurries off,
If at all you feel bad
Maybe you’ll try to understand at least a fraction of
How we are made to feel every single day.