About Me

Hello there, my name is Antara. Indian. Bengali. Born on the 21st of February, 1994.

I read like a maniac, listen to music like an addict, love writing more than anything else, make my camera my alternate set of eyes, dance like no one’s watching (ok, actually I lock the room so no one watches for real), trying to learn French on my own. I love Agha Shahid Ali,Pink Floyd, Tennyson, Satyajit Ray, movies, Ingrid Michaelson, rain, Pete Sampras, Tarantino,Johann Sebastian Bach, morbid stories, dark chocolate, Florence and The Machine, Spielberg, red nail paint,Coldplay, good food, my little Edelweiss-playing musical box, Greg Laswell, kaajal, and too many other things to remember.

Mostly I am a crazy girl, aiming for crazier, writing my way through life. And trying to do something that matters in this world.



42 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is so well written and apt. I can’t wait to go through your blog in the coming years. Days that you’ll be in college and I’ll get to read about your experiences out here..amazing ain’t it! And the dslr is on its way for sure. And our mutual love for Ingrid; my god…she sings with so much soul :) Love ya!

    • I am usually SO bad at About Me write-ups.
      Now that you write it down like that, I suddenly felt this surge of excitement about college!
      I cannot wait for the dSLR, seriously! And Ingrid absolutely rocks my life!
      I love you too Sam :)


  3. Hey, you mentioned your birth year as 1994, and I was just pondering if that is your real birth year, coz I’ve ever seen anyone writing so well, so clear and so vivid at this age. Believe me I’m in love with your writing style. You’ve got a wonderful blog here!

  4. Hmm am really surprised that you mention you birth date here… more perplexed than surprised. Esp when folks like me go to great lengths to hide(plz don’t ask how). Don’t worry about the dSLR thing. I have a 7-8MP sth cam among others (please don’t laugh) and I also happen to need one… but what the hell.. Photography I’ve realised depends more on the eye of the photographer rather than the camera he/she holds.

    Just read the 1st post that came to the screen on the blog and decided that this blog definitely needs a follow.. and there I am. :)

    • Hahaha! Well I never saw the need to hide my age ;) I don’t understand why people do that really. Or think that asking a woman’s age is disrespectful. Silly, really.
      I am not going to laugh. Because my camera takes blurry pictures with the SLIGHTEST shake. But you’re right, it is the perspective that is most important. You need to make the camera work, not the other way round.
      And wow, thank you so much. You are very kind. You have a lovely blog yourself :) Keep writing and visiting.

  5. main yahan pe comment nahi ki?? MAIN YAHAN PE COMMENT NAHI KI??
    ek hathoda la and mere sir pe maar :P
    you know we have MANY things in common so main wahi same cheez repeat nahi karungi yahan pe :P
    and DSLR? when i earn… i will gift you one… pakka! :)

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