It’s always a beautiful day to save lives

You know how some people, absolute strangers, walk into your lives and say something that takes your breath away? And how amongst those people, some end up saving your life?

Anis Mojgani, Buddy Wakefield, Phil Kaye, Sarah Kay, Andrea Gibson, Derrick Brown, Shane Koyczan. These are the people who have saved lives over the world with their words.

The simplest of words.

I said to the sun, “Tell me about the Big Bang”. The sun said, “It hurts to become”. – Andrea Gibson

And they pull your heartstrings so hard.

The answer?
The answer comes in the form of a handwritten letter from the moon.
It reads:
This is brutally beautiful.
So are we.
This is endless.
So are we.
Buddy Wakefield

And they will reach you and hit you, no matter who you are.

Poetry is produced by the cerebrum, which is pink
And the vocal cords, which are red
And if we spelt out our poems in blood
No-one would care what colour they came from.
Phil Kaye

And even make the most un-weepy girls like me tear up.

I don’t often believe in angels, but on the day I left
Louis pulled a feather from his pillow and said
This is for you,
I half expected him to say
See, this is the first one I grew.
Shane Koyczan

Because you teach us something we’ve known all the time, but never felt.

What made the beauty of the moon?
And the beauty of the sea?
Did that beauty make you?
Did that beauty make me?
Will that make me something?
Will I be something?
And the answer comes:
Already am. Always was.
And I still have time to be.
Anis Mojgani

You have been doing nothing less than saving lives.

wait until
a year from now
where you say,
“Holy fuck,
I can’t believe I was going to kill myself before I etcetera’d…
before I went skinny dipping in Tennessee,
made my own IPA,
tried out for a game show,
rode a camel drunk,
skydived alone,
learned to waltz with clumsy old people,
photographed electric jellyfish,
built a sailboat from trash,
taught someone how to read,
etc. etc. etc.”

The red washing
down the bathtub
can’t change the color of the sea
at all.
Derrick C Brown

I owe you, every one of you, so much.



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