Two Hundred Centuries of Breath-takers

I was given a small body and a heart too big,
Too full of rough edges to place inside.
So I took to shaving bits off it.
I cut off the corners,
Smoothed out every scar.
But once I’d started, I couldn’t stop,
And then I realised
I had only created too much of empty space.

So I despaired over this accidental creation
Of silent rooms and dark corridors.
And something told me “Live, just live.”
And so each day,
I borrowed a part of this Universe
And placed it in those spaces.

You see, there have been two hundred centuries of humans,
Of music and art, great cities destroyed and built
Of beauty and darkness and celebrations
And a million inhales and exhales for every moment

And all of this moves and flows to converge to that second in time
That you reside in.
All of this is waiting
For you.

This is not the end. There is no vacuum.
There maybe whisky; There will be blood.
There is extraordinary hurt.
But there is extraordinary love.


10 thoughts on “Two Hundred Centuries of Breath-takers

  1. This is beautiful. Nice message asking how to move ahead in life positively. Very true, there’s lot in this universe which you can fill your life with and make it more happening, more colourful.

  2. Your poems like these are my dose of living on with a smile.
    But then, YOU are my dose of a geniune smile when i am down.
    I wont go on to describe your poem in adjectives because no words will be enough to say what I feel after reading this.
    And that last para. Is EPIC.
    Now let me scroll over and read it again.
    Love you :)

    • You are biased. :P But remain biased. ;)
      Next time we have our adda session, I’ll tell you about the inspirations.
      I love you so much more!

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