Mostly day-dreaming

The exam syndrome has pranced its way back into my life. I feel like doing so many things – writing, reading, sketching, clicking away with my camera – but every time this feeling of guilt comes over me. And no, I don’t follow that up with proper productivity (that is, study).

I just got Sharath Komarraju’s newest book delivered today for reviewing, but it is impossible to try and do that right now seeing how I have my exams in four days. Sometime I will have to put that up on the blog too. I haven’t written anything solid in quite some time. There are photographs to upload here. So much has happened in the country in the last one week that I want to write about.

That stupid book of real analysis mocks at me.


And here I am now, mostly day dreaming. Of dark rooms and dim blue lights…of Pink Floyd and Muse…of dancing closed-eyed and open-haired.


There is one thing interesting that I have tried out. Joshua Foer’s TEDTalk first got me hooked on to the whole concept of building a mental palace. (And then of course there was Sherlock). So yesterday I tried that out with my economical-statistics notes on National Accounts and how to measure National Income. It works! I can write the whole thing and not have make up a cock and bull story on my own.

Much Love,



7 thoughts on “Mostly day-dreaming

    • Wow that was faaast! :D
      I followed my heart a little too much the past one month actually… :P Which is why I am in dire straits right now.
      College is great when you don’t have to give exams. ;)
      How are you doing? Hope life’s good.

  1. Well the syndrome kind of does ooze out all types of creativity when it happens to me. I want to dance open haired now toh :( And I just saw the talk. Brilliant stuff :O

    • Well you are in 12th that’s why ;) no really…you’ll look back later on and see how this was the time you were at your creative best. Constriction helps, oxymoron-ish though it may sound. But yes, it is frustrating since right now I am simply going bat shit crazy. Add to that my stupid nightmares.

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