Books and copious amounts of Googling

The weather has become November-y again, thank goodness. I mean, surprise November Rain (for sometime it felt like a re-plug of monsoon) is lovely but not when you’re inching closer and closer to Diwali. So I ranted about that for those few days on Twitter.

That, and my maths syllabus.

Remember how proudly I exclaimed my love for math and how I would spend my life solving problems on number theory (ok maybe not that much, but something along those lines)? Yeah well, all I can say is that I am glad I am not a Maths major. Relieved. Because the syllabus is nowhere close to the maths I have loved.

In short, as I was telling Shubhadeep da, maths has gone to live with lizards.

To add to my misery, I have my endsems coming and no, I haven’t studied a modicum of what I am supposed to. It’s not that I have been a complete and total vegetable though.

I have been reading. Reading a lot in fact. I have been reading novels, articles (like this amazing one on Piyush Mishra), posts on photography and occasionally some of my college notes (the last being quite rare). And the more I read, I find something I don’t know about and that makes me want to read more. Stupid exam syndrome. I am pleading with some higher force to help me pass in Maths and get respectable marks in the other two subjects.


And while we are on the topic of me reading about seemingly unimportant stuff, I just watched about half of Kejriwal’s expose-press-conference and realised I had no clue what Hawala money meant. So I opened my laptop and googled. Then I read a bit about the Hawala Scandal which directed me to Vineet Narain, of course. Reading about him on Wikipedia I came across this line –

“Narain married outside his caste.”

You know they really need to either explain why it was a big deal (during his time that is…because at that time, it probably was a big deal) since not everyone will understand its significance (read: non-Indians) or they really, really need to just take that line off. Because right now, people need to stop considering this to be an exception. The whole caste system is extremely stupid as it is.


6 thoughts on “Books and copious amounts of Googling

  1. I agree with the thing about caste system. I totally do.
    and ahhh maths :P guess its the same between me and physics. the 36 ka aakda just wont go away :D and go bring it back from the lizards. its high time :P
    The Piyush Mishra article is awesomeeeee!!!
    and tera new camera masttt hai. achche se dekhna hoga though :D

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