Of strange moods and writer’s block

The blog has remained…well too silent for even my comfort. Well I guess the title of the post is self-explanatory.

Today I am in a strange mood. Actually strange moods happen to me a lot in general…but the problem is I can’t seem to write right about now. I am trying to break out of it.

Till then, I have tiny pieces of my writing for you which I found after numerous hours (ok fine, one and a half) of scrolling through my tweets. #Story140 is a micro-fiction which has to be within 140 words (people of twitter-world will know the significance :P) and #micro-poetry is the same…just supposed to be poetic.

And yes, I do have a fiction piece in mind and I am hoping a proper blogpost is not so far off :P

    • Nothing had changed. 10 years and still the same dusty ballerina figurine, the unmoved cobwebs and that subtle citrus smell.(#story140)
    • Would you take the pains to sit by me ~ Be quiet, yet not silent? (#micropoetry)
    • He walked away, annoyed. “She is so damn silent!” He never looked into her eyes. (#story140)
    • Those splinters you put in my heart remain ~ If I take them out I will bleed. (#micropoetry)

More later :)

Much Love,


10 thoughts on “Of strange moods and writer’s block

  1. The second one gets my vote!….you need to come out of your strange moods dear…..you really do!!….loved it!!… :)

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