Every wound is raw

It has come; that time we had spoken of. Those plans we had planned. Those tiny to massive dreams we had always dreamt of; dreams for me. I have taken those baby steps we had slightly joked about.

And you are not here.

I have lost one of the two storytellers of my life. I have lost my philosopher and also my listener. I have lost the person who could see me…really see me. I have lost you and hence lost too many things.

It’s a new place, this city. New, not for my eyes, but for my heart. And I have so much to tell you, from funny stories of college to that kite that fell from the sky today. So much.

I love my college. But it is these tall buildings that irk me. I can’t look at the sky properly at night. I can’t look at you.

And I miss you.


14 thoughts on “Every wound is raw

  1. I dont know what to say on this. i wont say time heals, because i KNOW it doesnt. much.
    just sort of takes your mind away from the wound?
    its still raw.
    cheer up dear and know that i am always there for you!
    make my heart your sky
    moon might be gone; but the stars
    twinkle just for you :)

    PS: was this even a proper Haiku? :P :)
    cheer upppppppppppp!!

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