And everything is packed…

I haven’t written a poem, because I have some kind of poetry block. And I haven’t written any fiction, because right now whatever I write will be filled with melancholy crap.

I haven’t posted in over a week, and there is a reason.

I am filled with a truckload of cliché.

I am not joking. For the last two weeks, the only song in my messed up mind is “I am leaving on a jet plane” and the only thing I do is stare at my wall full of books instead of packing. By now you’ve understood that I am, of course, leaving (just not on a jet plane). College starts in a while.

College. For the last one year the only thing I have thought about is this. Starting anew. But I never really realised how much I would miss this place. Yes this place, this campus, my home for eighteen years.

And in the last two days I have been trying to pack eighteen years into three bags and one purse. How is one supposed to do that?

I know, I know, I should be thinking more about how I am leaving my family and friends…but I am not exactly leaving them. I really am not. Many of my friends are going to study in places very near to mine. And my parents are going to be three hours away and I am going to keep visiting them and they are going to keep visiting me (since I am staying in our own house). And there is something called a phone and e-mail. And I am not going a thousand miles away from home (I keep reminding myself that).

I am however, not going to be able to wake up to a room full of books anymore. I am not going to study on the desk which has numerous crayon markings on the underside from when I was ten years old. I am not going to be able to wake up and get my cycle out and roam around the campus. And I know it’s all silly, and “oh it’ll all go away”…but honestly, it just won’t.

Now I have carefully packed my Mont Blanc fountain pen and my musical box which plays ‘Edelweiss’ and the two beautiful cards my closest friends gave me today. And also about fifteen books to take with me out of the five hundred (and much more) that cover my walls.

And I don’t know what else to think anymore.


19 thoughts on “And everything is packed…

    • :) Yes you are lucky. Although I do want to study away from home, it’s a new experience and one needs it. Still, it doesn’t make the feeling right now any better.

    • shut up and don’t cry :( we’re not so far awayyy…we’ll meet very soon.
      And stop with the formalities man :P Love you and can’t wait to see you! and I miss you.

  1. ah all these time i thought you were going in class 12.. :P
    not waking up with a room filled with books can be somewhat compensated with a big sack of books.. :D
    i do that. from college to college.. a small subset of my books goes with me everywhaere.. :)

    btw, where are you going?

    • no it can’t be compensated because you have no idea how many books I have :P They won’t fit into two or even three big sacks. I have a LOT of books. When I say I am taking 15 books out of ‘hundreds’ I really mean hundreds :P

      • i have a slight idea how many books someone, who reads a lot, has. (been there, done that !) :) right now i have about 80 books in my hostel room which is about 20% of my properties back home.. this roughly fills up a side (much to my roommates snarl!) ..

        of course we can’t carry the sun around.. and then, in the dark dungeons (you’ll understand that in few days), we need the light of the 5 rupee LED lights.. :D

        may the force be with you. :D

        p.s: btw. which college?

    • I am sure I will. But right now I miss the 6 o clock visit by my close friend who shook me out of my bed just because she woke up early and was bored. :P
      Thank you so much

  2. If you had lived in a hostel then those days would have been your most memorable ever!!! Nevertheless, enjoy your college and you will make new friends there and will certainly find newer pastimes!!!

  3. When I had to do this, email did not exist, and yes, I was literally going to travel to the other side of the world. I brought one bag and one handbag. And a carrom board. Trust me, that Montblanc is all you need.

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