I don’t miss you any less…

I walked along the broken road,
Past the hills and rivers wide;
To find you, somewhere, in vain,
But I ran on, suffocated,
With torn clothes and devastation.
But I kept on, grieving, foolish.

So shallow was I to search everywhere,
Except inside me, where you lay.


14 thoughts on “I don’t miss you any less…

    • Yes, thankfully, that is true. It doesn’t make it any less painful (hence the title), but it makes one embrace it a little better I guess.
      Thanks :) Love you.

  1. This is a lot like Rabindranath’s saying about “why travel the world to places far and distant when you haven’t actually noticed the lush green just outside your house”-was something like that. This somehow relates to that. :) Very well written. *pats your little head*

    • *huge blush and then glows* thank you thank you :D And my god, I am sure I don’t deserve such a comparison. But you kinda made my day with that :)

  2. So beautiful. And very similar to a Kabir Doha, everyone is trying to find God in Temples, Mosques, Churches but what fools they are. God resides in us.
    Loved it.

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