The Waters Carried All She Loved

The evening breeze teased her hair
While she gazed upon the gushing waves.
I asked her, “Such a smile you wear,
Tell me, what is it your heart craves?”
She said, “It craves not, just waits my friend”
“What for?” I asked, with curiosity;
“You see these waters, how they descend,
How they flow for eternity?
These waters took all I loved,
And carried them to some land afar.
I’ve stood here, undeterred,
And unmoved like a North star.
Someday I, too, shall flow,
With these waters, rocks and sand;
To some land unknown I’ll go,
But I wait not for that land.

Somewhere deep in these tangled waters,
Lies a boat, undisturbed.
And there, for years, has slept my father,
Silent and unobserved.
I wait for that day when I’ll see him again,
When he’ll lift me to the Heavens above;
And we’ll wipe away Lost Time’s sorry stain
With these waters that carry all I love.”

{Reposting this from my old blog}

26 thoughts on “The Waters Carried All She Loved

      • I have read this so many times, I have it by heart now. Can I say I love you? I love that you are so amazing and I get to share a part of your awesome in my own life. I love your words, whether you write them or speak them; I love it like I love the sound of my heartbeat. I might not hear them all the time, but I know they are there. Inside me.

        Love you :)

  1. The poem and your reply to the comment shows how much the poem means to you… as they say, the hardest and longest distance is the distance between the head and the heart and everyone is compelled to take this journey at one point of time or the other. Keep going strong lest you fall… yet rise and walk.

    • Thank you for your beautiful comment. :) I am glad I still have both my lovely parents but I know loss very deeply and so I know what you mean. And about my head and my heart, oh they always keep bickering :)
      Keep coming :)

  2. compellingly beautiful! Not one you’d immediately fall in love with, but it gradually takes over you. Everytime I read it, it just sinks in a little bit deeper.And yes…I’ve read it like 7 times already :P

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