A Bengal Winter

She didn’t know where she was going, just that she was moving. Move; if you can move, you are still alive. Lance had taught her that.

She loved traveling in the night. She would drive by the railway tracks and if she was lucky, she would ride along-side a train. A dark, dark night, lit only by the train and car’s lights…She wished they lit her heart too.

“The light will come”, she thought. Instantly her mind went back to him. Her mind always went back to Omar.

She had known his torment. But he had hidden so much of it from her. Damn it, he had hidden so much of it from himself. Not for once had he thought about himself. The only times she had heard him complain were during the evenings. He had hated not being able to go for walks.

And then, cleaning his desk, she had found his last piece of writing.

She slammed on the brakes. Laying back her head, she heaved out a sigh.

“See the transience of this winter, Runa. Hush my friend, I am always here, and the light will come”


11 thoughts on “A Bengal Winter

  1. Poignant. you know what, just as i read the first line, all that came to my mind was Switchfoot’s ‘I dare you to move’ and the thought sustained for the rest of your post :)
    Loved the last line especially. This is poignant, yet so hopeful. Yes… Omar is right… Light will come… it HAS to come…

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