Epitaph on a Tyrant {W. H. Auden}

Perfection, of a kind, was what he was after,

And the poetry he invented was easy to understand;

He knew human folly like the back of his hand,

And was greatly interested in armies and fleets;

When he laughed, respectable senators burst with laughter,

And when he cried the little children died in the streets.


16 thoughts on “Epitaph on a Tyrant {W. H. Auden}

  1. Gut wrenching!
    Loved the creation.
    Hitler just commands that fear, just looking at those pics one can feel an intense energy all around.

  2. since my first paragraph length comment was deleted, and i am probably the laziest person on the earth, you should excuse me for a short comment.
    firstly, i am blown over by this. MAN YOU ARE SO DAMN CREATIVE AND INTELLIGENT!!!!
    secondly this i felt was a very powerful post. because fear is powerful. and it can make you DO things…
    thirdly, I love this ppost. hats off to you :)

    PS: this turned out to longer than my previous comment :P

    • If you are the laziest person then what am I? Sloth personified? :P

      Thanks. And it’s Auden who has so wonderfully written this piece. Which, you are right, is very powerful!

  3. Six lines and complete personality of one of the mysterious man of modern days! It was superb. Just superb!!!
    I’m a great fan of Hitler due to various reasons and I’m sure many parts of his life and personality have been omitted from the history deliberately to suit few people’s/countries’ interests.
    Coming back to your poetry, it was mind-blowing :)
    Towers and Shadows

    • Firstly I must say it is not my poetry. It is Auden’s :-)
      It is not exactly only about Hitler. It is about any sort of tyranny, about a person who really uses his power to extremes in a bad way.
      But I do not share your sentiments on Hitler. Yes I am sure parts of his life may be hidden from history, but that does not form a base for liking. Not even close. I am fascinated by how he had such a huge ambition and was almost successful. But mostly I am horrified. Nothing justifies a mission of killing off people of certain races because he feels they are impure.

      Thanks for coming by Captain. :-)

    • I know. Every time I read his poems, I am astounded. He wrote so much in so little words and made an impact I could never have made in a thousand words.
      Thank you so much for stopping by!


    Are you sure you aren’t going to be a writer eventually?

    I can already see your dad hyperventilating…..;p

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