Creating Art

I have always loved art. My mother arranged art classes for me when I was nine or ten and I learnt under a wonderful teacher for a few years. But I realised later that I loved sketching or painting only when I did it for myself and by myself. So I stopped attending my art classes.

Still, I knew I needed to learn more (or rather I wanted to). Regular classes with ‘home-works’ were not working for me, so I resorted to the only thing I felt might actually help me – YouTube.

And YouTube is where I discovered this guy. And I was immediately addicted to his Youtube Channel. I fell in love with the portraits he sketched, his realistic drawings and other wonderful things (he did a chocolate syrup painting). I started trying my hand at portraits after looking at his work.

So I wanted to share his work with everyone. Because, honestly he deserves it.

And I could go on embedding videos…
So hop to his channel. Trust me, his work is absolutely fantastic!



10 thoughts on “Creating Art

  1. OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HE IS A FRICKIN GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i have like subscribed to his youtube channel now and i cant get ENOUGH of his videos and his art. honestly… i am spellbound..

  2. His portraits are so realistic. I totally get stoked when I see emotions portrayed beautifully on paper. And Dexter with blood and that knife? WAYY GOOD. Thanks for sharing. Good stuff :D

  3. Really beautiful. I used to draw when I was real small but its been long…
    Its a great hobby to have.
    Have a nice day Antara:)

  4. Dear Antara,
    Thanks for sharing these amazing videos. I love the way you started this post with personal information about yourself, and later moved on to introducing the other artist. It’s all inspiring, so inspiring. Thank you.

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