9 thoughts on “Grandmother

  1. HOW AMAZING IS THAT WATERMARK?! :D And I’ve said this before; Love the picture. Makes me want to hug your grandma real tight.

  2. memories…
    this is perfect yaar. perfect. you cant imagine how i feel seeing this…
    and yeah!
    MASTTTT watermark hai yaaaar!!! awesome!! :)

  3. Antara didi, is she your dida or thamma ?? I also only have my Dida but she always goes away to my cousins :(

    Anyways, the wrinkles on the fingers (+ the glossy feel) are just superb……i.e. Sony DSC H55 is great !!

    And lovely watermark……..:D

  4. Absolutely Beatutiful.
    Your photography is a treat for the eyes.
    Great to see you back:)
    How do I follow your blog? Please put the Google Friends Connect widget.

    • Thank you so much DS :) Always great to see you here.
      Just look towards the right side bar on the blog and you will see the ‘Follow’ button. Click on it and you will be told to enter your email id. Ta da! :P

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